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  • Can I wear a wig/weave even if I have long hair?
    Yes! The length of your hair will not affect the installation of your wig or weave. However, you will need to properly braid down or secure your hair close to your scalp to ensure the wig is stable.
  • How should I measure my head for the wig?
    You can use a tape measure to find the circumference of your head (our wig caps are measured in inches). We recommend wrapping the tape measure around the base of your skull/top of your neck to the middle of your forehead. OR, you can wrap the tape measure from your front hairline around to your back hairline (beware, if your hairline is indistinct or pushed back you should try the first method.)
  • How long will my wig last?
    Our hair will last years! However, you must properly maintain your wigs with regular washing and the occasional repair. In the event that your wigs need servicing you may contact Shi’s Laced so we may discuss repair and maintenance.
  • What grade of hair are Shi’s Laced bundles?
    All Shi’s Laced hair, bundles, and wigs are of great quality. Our hair bundles are graded 9A and 10A.
  • Are the wigs and bundles the same hair?
    Yes! Our wigs and bundles are made of the same quality hair, 100% Virgin, 9/10A hair.
  • Is putting on a wig easy?
    We guarantee putting on your wig is easy. However, we recommend for the initial installation you consult a professional hairdresser, who might prepare you with proper hairdressing tips. Also, there are helpful resources online to learn how to install your wig yourself.
  • Will I need to customize my wig?
    Yes, while our wigs are prepared for easy installation. You will have to pluck the roots and bleach the knots for a perfectly natural finish.
  • Is the wig/frontal hairline pre-plucked?
    Yes, the wigs are pre-plucked. But, for a custom installation you must pluck the wigs and frontals, to fit your hairline
  • Are the knots bleached?
    No, you must bleach the knots on your wigs and frontals before installation.
  • Can I use heat appliances on my Shi’s Laced bundles?
    Of course! Shi’s Laced uses 100% Virgin, 9/10A grade hair; therefore, you can readily apply high temperature appliances to style your hair as you please. That said, be sure to treat the hair with the same caution you would when applying heat to your own hair.
  • Can I use processing chemicals like perm and relaxer to the hair?
    Yes! Our hair is 100% Virgin, and therefore can be texturized. We’ve done it ourselves, so if you want a bigger curlor looser wave feel free to add chemical processes. However, we advise you seek a professional before applying these chemicals to the hair. We are not at fault for any damages you incur when using processing chemicals on your hair.
  • Can I bleach my Shi’s Laced hair to platinum (613)?
    Only some of our 1B products may be bleached to 613. Hair labeled “raw” can be bleached to platinum (613). However, our other 1B hair labeled “virgin” can only be bleached to 27. Be sure to carefully read the product descriptions when making your purchase.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, no, all sales are final at this time.
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